DJ Guy Stevens

Guy Stevens organised his first party
when he was about 14 years old,
he booked a village hall, hired
a mobile DJ and sold tickets
to his school friends.

DJ Guy Stevens at one of his first gigs.

His career as a DJ began when he was 16,
a friend was celebrating his 17th birthday
and asked Guy to play some records on
his new hi-fi record deck, the party
was a success and a second deck
was purchased, ..then some lights
and bigger speakers.

DJ Guy Stevens, Promo picture
Early 1990s

The music moved from vinyl,
to CD and now everything is
played via a computer.
One thing hasnít changed,
itís all about capturing the
mood of the party and playing
the right music at the right
moment to take the guests
to the next level.

DJ Guy Stevens at the Eastern Monk, The Houndsditch, City of London
(about 1998)

Guy has played in pubs and clubs,
provided outside broadcasts for
local radio, acted as a DJ for TV,
played music for royalty,
worked in the UK and across Europe.

DJ Guido La Vespa Perrey working DJ Guy Stevens at Annabel's Nightclub, Berkeley Square, Mayfair

Itís all about creating atmosphere and
leaving guests with cherished memories.